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BRANO a.s., SBU Foundry
Opavska 1000
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 553 632 211

SBU Foundry of company BRANO a.s. is a casting manufacturer with more than 100 year´s tradition. We are mainly a commercial foundry particularly with orientation on cast sale within EU countries.

Assortment composition of castings production:

  • Castings for automotive industry
  • Components for construction scaffolding and frameworks
  • Castings for electrical industry
  • Castings for using in agriculture
  • Castings of general use

Melting – middle frequency induction melting oven ABB Twin Power®, computer controlled, installed in 1996. Equipment of melting plant – thermal and spectral analysis,ultrasonic nodularity tester.

We offer a production of following kinds of cast iron:

Malleable and weldable white hearth cast iron

  • all kinds as per to EN 1562 (accuracy according to DIN 1684,GTA 16, ISO 8062)
  • Weight of castings - 0 - 5 kg/pc
  • Maximum castings size - 300x250x120 mm

Nodular cast iron as per EN 1563 (grade EN-GJS-400-15,EN-GSJ-450-10 and EN-GSJ-500-7, accuracy according to ISO 8062, CT 8–10, DIN 1680 GTB 13-15)

  • Thickness of the wall - 5 – 20 mm
  • Weight of castings – 0 - 5 kg / pc
  • Maximum castings size – 300x250x120 mm


Moulding – automatic moulding line HWS EFA-SD 2, installed in 2002. Dimensions of frames: 580x460x120 / 120 mm. Cores – method Hot-Box (coated mixture) 96%, Cold-Box 4%.

Heat treatment – cyclic and continuous furnaces with controlled decarbonating atmosphere manufactured by company LUDWIG ESSEN for malleable cast iron production.

Since 2002 the foundry is equipped with new inner defects inspection X-ray equipment Pantak Seifert 225 kV.

We have passed a re-certification audit in 2005 and we have extended audit of quality system management according EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. We are carrying certification as per VDA 6.1 for automotive industry, our position to environmental policy is expressed with succesfull certification as per EN ISO 14001.

  • SBU Foundry
  • SBU Foundry
  • SBU Foundry

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